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Ecopedia: Increasingly International Business for ECOMONDO. A Decidedly Succesful Outcome for the Foreign Road Show on the Eve of its Second Stage

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Rimini, 3rd July 2014 –
The international road show organized by Rimini Fiera in connection with the events revolving around the environment and sustainability (Ecomondo, Key Energy, Cooperambiente, H2R e Key Wind, due to be back at the Rimini Expo Centre from 5th to 8th November 2014) is about to embark on its second stage. The perfect time to take stock of what has been achieved so far.

In little over a month, from early May to mid June, Rimini Fiera met hundreds of carefully selected trade members, an average which far exceeded the rosiest expectations. However, what was particularly striking was the enthusiasm raised by the presentations, which made it possible to identify new institutional interlocutors, establish important relations and, last but not least, develop new business for the exhibiting firms.

The road show, which started in Munich, Germany, stopped in Celje, Slovenia, then moved on to Bulgaria and Rumania on the occasion of a bilateral summit, to continue to Amman in Jordan and to Bogota, where the first series of meetings ended. After the summer break, the event shall resume with pre-scheduled appointments in Istanbul, Belgrade, Birmingham, and others which will be planned further on as in the case of Poland.

“The meetings – commented Simone Castelli, Rimini Fiera’s Business Unit Manager – proved extremely useful to allow our customer firms to start positive relations with the most dynamic countries in the environmental sector. The road show is confirming its role as a business tool concretely useful to the green economy, allowing it to successfully face new international business”.

“At the meetings – commented Alessandro Piccinini, Head of Rimini Fiera’s Foreign Marketing Division – we met potential buyers, the members of business categories, institutional representatives, firms. All high-level interlocutors, who have shown interest in our events. Most of them have in fact expressed the intention of visiting our November show”.

To this effect, Rimini Fiera has recently strengthened its network of consultants in Countries marked by real prospects in terms of development, and therefore of investment. As a consequence, Ecomonodo and the other Rimini-based exhibitions continue to develop content in order to effectively pursue the strategic objective consisting in positioning themselves at the heart of the Mediterranean with a leading role. This in order to become the partner of companies, helping them identify new and qualified business opportunities in areas marked by strong development.

“The countries chosen – concluded Alessandra Astolfi, Ecomondo’s Project Manager – were identified through careful market analyses and show a strong propensity for international trade, their economies are growing, their markets are open, and they are hungry for specific environmental technologies such as those manufactured in Italy”.

In little over a month, from early May to mid June, the initiative organized by Rimini Fiera was unanimously appreciated and met with promising results in Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria. The next stage is going to take it to Turkey, Serbia and Great Britain.
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